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Anime is Lit

Nov 14, 2018

K and Danny had an amazing time at Kumoricon 2018 and sat down the next day to record their thoughts!

We have a conversation about what it was like watching Yoshitaka Amano paint, and why his entire philosophy of art and artistry made us so excited about what we do. His rare perspective got us talking between ourselves about the value of art and about career artists overcoming the limitations of their industry, so we recorded a bonus episode of our experiences. We also share convention highlights and how this con reminded us of the reasons we podcast, and why art is so awesome.

Compilations of videos we took of Yoshitaka Amano painting during the panels

Our previous episode with Warui Deshou episode on Angel's Egg
Warui Deshou site and podcast feed

Our contact info:
@AnimeisLitPod on twitter

Intro music - "Grove" from the Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust OST - Marco D'Ambrosio
Outro - "Tokeidai no Kane" by Eastern Youth