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Anime is Lit

Jun 1, 2019

We're back in the saddle with old pod pals to bust open seasons 1 and 2 of the Mob Psycho 100!

Marc of Oh No, Anime and TheSubtleDoctor of Warui Deshou join us to talk about what makes this show so incredibly special, as well as the show's emotional allegory, morality and ethics, and the best of the Body Improvement Club. Join us for another shot at something actually recent!

**Spoiler Warning starts at 46:26**

(This is Part 1 of 2, the second half of our discussion will be released in a few days as Ep 12, Part 2)

Opening Theme - "99" by Mob Choir
Ending Theme - "Gray" by Sajou no Hana

@AnimeisLitPod on twitter

TheSubtleDoctor on twitter and podcast Warui Deshou

Marc on twitter and podcast Oh No, Anime