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Anime is Lit

Jul 1, 2018

Celtic Mythology meets poignant recovery allegory in the 2017-2018 anime "Ancient Magus Bride". Returning pod friend Shadon and our good friend Bethany join us to discuss this beautiful anime that's very personal and meaningful to all of us.

This episode is a long one, but it's packed with discussion about the surprisingly intricate narrative the show builds about healing and learning to build healthy relationships. The first half of the episode is a spoiler-free introduction to the anime and themes, and Bethany gives much insightful history and context for the show's representations of creatures from actual Celtic mythology. From 1:53:45 begins the in-depth spoilery discussion of story and themes.

***Content warning for respectfully nuanced, but involved discussions including trauma, abuse, suicide, mental illness, recovery, and drug addiction.***

Shadon on twitter and podcast Warui Deshou
Bethany's Twitter | Cosplay Instagram

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0:30 - Guest Intros/Preface

3:32 - Spoiler-Free Show Intro

17:10 - Our personal feelings on the show, overview of themes & favorite characters

1:03:35 - Spoiler-free discussion of the mythology of the show

***1:53:45 - SPOILER WARNING - In-depth narrative and themes discussion (Content warning for respectful discussions of trauma, child abuse, suicide, drug addiction, mental illness, and recovery)

2:47:30 - Cartaphilus and the show's ending

3:06:50 - Remaining Twitter questions

3:11:27 - Outtros, Where you can find our guests and us on the web

Link to the blog Bethany referenced on the robin story in the mythology section

Opening theme - "Here" by JUNNA

Ending theme "Iruna Eteluro" イルナエテルロ (Lindel's Song), sung by Daichi Takenaka