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Anime is Lit

Feb 12, 2018

We were delighted to guest on Warui Deshou with our friends TheSubtleDoctor and Shadon about Devilman Crybaby! This is a more free-form discussion with lots of laughs, but together we hit some moments of real discovery and depth. Discussions include the running metaphor, what the ending means, the show’s depiction of Satan, LGBTQ+ representation, the nature of the show’s violence, character acting, who is best boy, the show as cautionary tale, dope music, Donald Trump’s cameo, and a whole lot more.

It was a blast to record, so it ended up quite long, but see the timestamp outline for a guide and the link to the original shownotes here.


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00:00:00 – Opening Bits

00:02:42 – Introductions

00:06:12 – Ice Breaker Game – Which anime title would you be embarrassed to say out loud, “I am watching _______” to a non-nerd you respect?

00:19:30 – Devilman Crybaby Historical context – Go Nagai, Masaki Yuasa, Netflix

00:34:53 – SPOILER FREE plot summary and We Sell You On Crybaby

01:07:57 – [SPOILERS FROM HERE ON] Discussion Topic 1: Favorite Scenes

01:55:01 –  Discussion Topic 2: Satan!

02:13:50 –  Discussion Topic 3: Akira And Miki

02:29:30 –  Discussion Topic 4: Some Dude Dissed Crybaby On The Internet

02:34:56 –  Discussion Topic 5: To Run

02:47:34 –  Discussion Topic 6: The Ending

03:14:32 –  Discussion Topic 7: Post Credits aka TIME LOOP

03:27:26 –  Discussion Topic 8: Final Thoughts & Why Crybaby Impacted Us so Much

03:36:36 – Correspondance

03:54:45 – Outro