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Anime is Lit

Oct 20, 2018

BARA WA, BARA WA! Danny and K assemble a super crew to discuss the 1979 classic anime Rose of Versailles, joined by Dawn from the Anime Nostalgia Podcast and GrantTheTheif of Blade Licking Thieves/Super Senpai Podcast.

Part 1 (Beginning - 1:01:43) is a spoiler-free discussion of themes, historical fiction, what we love about the show, and the story's place in anime/manga history.

Part 2 (1:01:43 - end) **SPOILER WARNING** We go more in-depth themes of power and opression, Oscar's gender and queerness, the anime direction, and RoV adaptations through the years. [Includes mentions of sexual assault and LGBTQ oppression]

Join us on our thorough expression of love for OSCAAAAR!!

Contact Info:
@AnimeisLitPod on twitter

Dawn/Usamimi - @BunnyCartoon | tumblr | Anime Nostalgia Podcast

Grant - @GrantTheTheif | Blade Licking Thieves Podcast | Super Senpai Podcast