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Anime is Lit

Jan 22, 2018

This month we couldn't resist taking a bite out of the recent Netflix phenomenon, DEVILMAN Crybaby. We talk about our personal reactions, the show's surprisingly optimistic thesis, horniness, queer elements, and why we're glad we followed the hype down this incredible rabbit hole of apocalypse and love. On the literary side, we also dive into the show’s relation to Satyr Plays in Greek Tragedy and its use of Greek Chorus through Wamu’s hip-hop crew.

SPOILER WARNINGS for all of Devilman Crybaby.
Content Warning for discussions of the show's treatment of violence and sexual assault.

Intro: Devilman no Uta / AVU-chan by アヴちゃん
Outtro: Konyadake by Takkyu and Tavito

Link to the interview we referenced:

Next month we will be back on schedule releasing our episode on Goro Miyazaki’s Tales From Earthsea.