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Anime is Lit

Jun 27, 2023

***This episode is Part 2 of our Gankutsuou series, which contains spoilers for both the anime and the book. Please listen to the previous episode first!
Welcome to Masterpiece Theatre… I mean, Masterpiece Anime…

Here to fully make good on our podcast’s name, we’re ready to go full Literature Analysis Mode on some actual literature with Gankutsuou and its book of origin “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Joined by Vrai Kaiser, we cover everything from the funny bits to the twists, tragedies, and the Gay Stuff, including the gay stuff from the book that the anime somehow redacted?? There’s lots to unpack, and we bothered to read this entire long book, so prepare to hear all about it and more!

The very cool early-in-production Gankutsuou trailer that we refer to

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