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Anime is Lit

Jun 7, 2023

Welcome to Masterpiece Theatre… I mean, Masterpiece Anime?

Finally, Anime is Lit covers the most Literature of Anime - “Gankutsuou”, the artistic 2004 adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic (and long) novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” …IN SPACE! with vampires!

Joined by Gankustuou aficionado Vrai Kaiser, we explore the anime’s approach to the novel, as well as the thematic contrasts, visual design, and the creators’ own inspirations. This episode is a spoiler-free discussion for fans and newbies alike. We cover plenty of interesting aspects from our research on both the original text and the anime’s creation, which we hope will encourage newcomers to watch the anime. All the spoilers are all hiding in the second half our our discussion for our next episode.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Vrai’s blog posts

Interview with director Maeda (in French)

NPR Article discussing the racialized French terminology for “Ghost writer” and Dumas

Article by Lizzie Visitante

The awesome Gankutsuou figure Vrai mentioned

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