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Anime is Lit

Jul 31, 2021

Continuing part 2 of our discussion on the classic shoujo masterpiece Dear Brother (Oniisama e), now no-holds-barred, all-spoilers-all-the time. Dawn and Diana are with us to go in-depth about the themes, characters, tragedy, romance, metaphors, symbols, and what makes this show so effective at everything it has to say.

*****This episode is part 2 of 2, please note the following content warnings for topics we discuss in relation to Dear Brother: Suicide and extensive suicidal ideation, drug addiction, abuse, bullying, disease, minor sexual assault themes, and romantic love between siblings. ****


Watch Dear Brother streaming for free on RetroCrush (as of July 2021)

Dear Brother on Blu-Ray from Rightstuf Anime

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