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Anime is Lit

Oct 4, 2019

It's the ultimate Chihayafuru cast, brought to you right at the dawn of Chihayafuru Season 3's airing! We assembled the biggest fans of this anime that we know (AnimatedInk of Anigamers, and returning guest Heidi) to talk about its masterful uses of genre, character, gender, history and poetry itself to create an unforgettable story. If you're looking to start Chihayafuru or are a longtime fan, both are welcome for this discussion!

We really dig into the history and nuances of karuta itself, as well as the 100 Poems that the cards are based off of. We each share our personal favorite poems and gush about our favorite characters and elements of the story. Join us for a rich exploration and a fun time!

Ink on Twitter, his podcasts Oldtaku no Radio and Taiiku Podcast, and the Anigamers website.

Heidi's Twitter, Tumblr and Tesla Cosplay, (the cosplay group all 3 of us belong to)

Follow us on Twitter: @animeislitpod

Online resources we used for English translations of the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu/100 Poems:
1 | 2

Links to articles Ink has written on Chihayafuru (check them out!)
"Poetic Propaganda" | Interview with Masao Maruyama | Chihayafuru Review

Link to the Crunchyroll "Anime vs. Real Life" article Danny mentioned

Intro song: "YOUTHFUL" by 99RadioService
Outro: "STAR" by 99RadioService