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Anime is Lit

Mar 18, 2018

Welcome to our episode on Princess Tutu, the classic 2002 anime about ballet, fairy tales, and a duck who turns into the magical Princess Tutu to fight for the ones she loves! Our friend Heidi joins as our guest to talk about her experience training in ballet and music, and her love for the anime that celebrates them both. We dive into the lore of ballet literature, fairy tale subversion, and the role of metanarrative in this surprisingly complex anime.

The first half of the episode is spoiler-free to give an intro to the show and what makes it well worth watching. The second half contains many spoilers, so please go see Princess Tutu first if you haven’t already!

Link to the AMV here: Håll Om Mig (Hold Me Now)
(The perfect introduction to why Princess Tutu is cool)

Opening song: “Håll Om Mig” (Hold Me Now) by Nanne Grönvall
Ending song: “Morning Grace” by Ritsuko Okazaki

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