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Anime is Lit

May 19, 2018

Your favorite anime podcast crossover is back! We team up again with the Warui Deshou podcast to dissect and gush over Mamoru Oshii and Yoshitaka Amano’s 1985 masterpiece art film, Angel’s Egg.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of stillbirth, miscarriage, possible anxiety-inducing subjects such as loss of faith.
***The first half is spoiler-free, see timecodes below***

(This episode follows Warui Deshou's format, which uses more clips and sketch segments than we do, so be prepared for intermittent wackiness)


We discuss the film’s gorgeous aesthetics, the lives and other works of the principle creatives, their personal relationships to Catholicism and/or faith in general, and try to interpret what is perhaps the most inscrutable anime film ever made.

Interpretations provided are our own, and we don’t claim them to be definitive, exclusionary or authoritative in any way.

This episode is very personal, we spend a good deal of time talking about our personal histories and feelings about things beyond (but not unrelated) to the anime itself. We also tried to mix it with moments of laughter and some funnier discussions throughout, but we feel the insights and personal discussions in relation to the film proved very worthwhile.

This is a long podcast that covers a lot of topics, so please use the timecodes below to jump around in case, say, you already know all about Oshii or haven’t seen Angel’s Egg and don’t want to be spoiled.

Warui Deshou's Podcast Feed | Twitter


00:00:00 – Opening Bits and Bobs
00:10:54 – The Budget Grail: Which Anime Character Would you Want As A Dad?
00:26:40 – All About Oshii and Amano
00:54:29 – Plot Summary & SPOILER-FREE Discussion
01:37:17 – Personal Relationship To Faith & Ideas In The Movie
02:01:20 – SPOILER-IFFIC Discussion
03:16:21 – Correspondence
03:25:00 – Outro

Nobuo Uematsu – Tina’s Theme
N.E.R.D. – Maybe
David Pringle and Bob Heatlie – Spin to Win
Wild Beasts – Albatross
Massive Attack – Angel
Modest Mouse – Dramamine
Kyrie Eleison
Agnus Dei
kensuke ushio – Devilman no Uta
Argume – Realize
Milo – Sanssouci palace
Chance The Rapper ft. Saba – Angels
Zero 7 – This World

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